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Picking a career can be a daunting task, regardless if it’s your first or your fifth. As someone who was born to be an entrepreneur and dove into multiple businesses, I have some deeply personal experience with career changes.  As I have told many of my dear friends from the entertainment business, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to get into that business and also the courage to know when to leave it. This really applies to all businesses and careers either on the entry into an industry or choosing to exit a career that is making you miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled, or even depressed. With this blog, I will begin with a series of what I hope are helpful, proven action steps when you are considering making a change.

First recommendation:

Reach out to your network and take what I call “Information Interviews.”  This is a simple, authentic and engaging approach that can lead to wisdom, ideas, and new relationships.  

For example, let’s say you have secretly been considering opening your own business but have never taken the leap.  Here’s what you do: Review all of your contacts and identify your family, friends, and colleagues and find those people that have some direct or indirect knowledge or experience in running their own business. Then, call or email them asking if they have time to have lunch or a cup of coffee to give you some insight on what it is like to run your own business.  Schedule at least 5 meetings. You will be amazed at the response you receive back from these people. They will likely be very open to meeting with you and happy to give insight into what they do and how they do it.

Remember, people love to talk about what they do. It’s in our DNA to share experience and our networks with those who approach them with humility and sincerity.

So reach out for lunch or buy those people a cup of coffee, bring your notebook, and ask questions!