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Are you a polymath autodidact?

I am and having been an entrepreneur since I was a little boy, I finally feel as though I understand my strengths and weaknesses related to my polymath profile.

Like all personality traits or behaviors, if true self-awareness is at play, being a polymath autodidact can be tremendously powerful. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is vital to encompass a variety of perspectives and skills within a working team. Engaging in the path of becoming a polymath or incorporating a polymath into your team, could be a great asset to your business.

What is a polymath?

We’ve heard the word “polymath” thrown around, but may not necessarily know what it means. A polymath is “someone who can draw upon multiple areas of study, using their in-depth knowledge in these areas to solve complex problems.” These types of people are typically curious, self-taught and have a great many interests.

Why polymaths are great in business

Many polymaths are considered a “Jack of all trades.” They are excellent multitaskers and consistently bring fresh ideas to the table, as they obtain a variety of skills and perspectives. Polymaths are also natural empaths since they are able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Additionally, polymaths are able to effectively integrate the appropriate tools to deliver an engaging brand interaction with the customer, with the overall goal of providing a seamless, results-oriented experience.

How polymaths should approach business

It is important for polymaths to develop the skills necessary to understand and approach daily challenges from all angles of the business. They should do this by working in roles that may not directly be responsible for so they are better able to understand the position. This will also assist them in the ability to hire the right people for the role. It is important, however, that after polymaths learn the roles and hire the right people for the job, they should continue to oversee them, but should also try to stay away from continuing to invest too much time in the respective role. It may cause them to stretch themselves too thin and could hurt their career trajectory by attempting to do and be everything.

Polymaths also have the advantage of future development and advancement in industries as they continue to grow and change. They are able to hone in on their ability to learn multiple subjects and strategies to consistently develop and maintain a competitive edge and stay relevant. Overall, polymath can have so many avenues to success so long as they stick with a plan and remain disciplined with the necessary steps to complete the projects they start.

What is the recipe for a polymath’s success? Sprinkle some smart engineer’s attention to detail of plans and an accurate CFO’s handling of numbers into every business you get into or project you start.