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Having a thorough understanding of personal finances is vital information to obtain at any age. Since personal finances are not yet required in high school and college curriculums, it is up to young adults to research and learn about this topic outside of the classroom. Having the advantage of growing up with technology, millennials can utilize finance-related apps and sites to understand and manage their personal finances. The following tools will provide tech-savvy millennials with the ability to confidently invest their money and start building their wealth.


This combined website and app has a simple, straightforward design that is ideal for young investors to get started managing their personal finances. The process begins by answering a few questions, including age and one of five general investment goals. Betterment will then build a personalized portfolio with a combination of stocks and bonds based on the answers received. It will then manage the portfolio using tax-smart technology and provides screenshots to show the overall account balance and performance. There is no minimum investment required, and it’s easy to make small investments per month via direct deposit.


This site allows individuals to receive investment analytics from an unbiased perspective, and it’s completely free. This service is provided to help investors understand the investment world and which advice is best for them. FinMason does this by using bar graphs, rather than pie charts, to convey portfolio comparisons.


An app that makes you feel like you are taking from the rich and giving to the poor without actually robbing anyone, Robinhood offers $0 trading and is aimed at any investor that is just starting out. Allowing users to invest in the stock market as they are building their portfolio, this app is perfect for those that learn by doing.


Having the ability to access this on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, Wealthfront is a website that is known for its transparency. The website is an educational tool for investors and it is very simple to set up an investment account. New users enter their age, annual income, and any cash or liquid assets they have. The accounts are fully automated, diversified, and are occasionally rebalanced.  


One of the first investment apps that can be used on the Apple Watch, Openfolio utilizes the power of social networks and allows users to observe the investment strategies of people they know, while also sharing their own. Investors need not fear their resources are flaunted to the world; portfolios are shared in terms of percentage allocation, not price points.